You Ask - I Answer

Choosing an effective Therapist is like choosing a life partner - chemistry and trust are an essential combination in a successful relationship. Got questions? I’ve got answers! I go above and beyond to act as a safety net for my clients, and strive to make their experience as pleasant as possible. Take a look at some answers to the most frequently asked psychology-related questions and requests below.


What is the first step to beginning therapy?

If you are ready to schedule an appointment, click ‘Schedule A Session’ to schedule an individual intake appointment.  If you have any questions at all before beginning therapy call or email me to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if I am the right therapist for you.

NOTE: All new clients are required to complete intake forms at least 24 hours prior to our first session. I will email these forms to you once you schedule your intake appointment.  Appointments without completed paperwork 24 hours in advance will be cancelled.  These forms are very important for me to get to know you and guide the flow of our first session.  I request these forms completed in advance so I can review them prior to our session so we can dive right in.

How long does each therapy session take?

Each session is 45-60 minutes.  We will discuss and decide together what is best for your treatment plan, preference, and needs.

What to expect during our sessions?

I implement effective psychotherapy methods to instill self-understanding among patients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the patient and caretaker alike. But in the end, making small changes to self-defeating behavior and coping with feelings of sadness, fear, and pain can bring life-altering results.

Where are you located?

Most importantly, I am in New Jersey, which means I can see my clients when you are ANYWHERE in New Jersey, virtually.  At this time, all appointments are held via teletherapy.  

NOTE: I use a specific HIPAA-compliant platform for all of my online therapy sessions.  Once I receive your paperwork, I'll send you instructions on gaining access to this platform. Just like in-person appointments, confidentiality is my number one priority. It's easy to use and reliable, making online therapy a breeze.

***Some things to remember before starting therapy online:

  • Ensure you have a reliable internet connection.

  • Test the audio & video before each session.

  • Find a good location that is totally private so you can fully immerse yourself into the time you've carved out for yourself.

Do you offer sliding scale rates?

I reserve a few slots on my case load for individuals whose insurance I do not accept and cannot afford my full rate per session.  Give me a call to discuss further!

Do you accept insurance?

Yes, I currently accept Oscar, Oxford, and United Health Care, in addition to self-pay.  

Please refer to the Services page for more information.

NOTE: I am using Headway to manage my billing and admin work, so that I can focus my energy on our time together. Headway manages everything related to payments and insurance, and my clients have found that they make it really easy.  They’ll send you an email directly, prompting you to create an account and provide your insurance information and a credit card for your copay or deductible. You can also plug in your insurance information on their site here for a price estimate for our sessions.  If you have any questions about how Headway works, please feel free to reach out to me at keri.wyrwa@gmail.com or directly to them at hello@headway.co. They would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How often will I see you?

I typically see individual clients once per week. Seeing each other weekly allows for the work to move along at a good pace.  We will regularly revisit your treatment plan as our sessions progress.

How will I know if you are the right therapist for me?

This is a very important question. You are dedicating time and resources and want to be sure you are picking the right therapist. You should consider logistical factors (office location, availability) as well as personal factors (my training and expertise, personality, and 'the feel' you get). An initial phone conversation should be able answer some of these questions - I suggest that you think about the questions that will inform your decision.The first couple of sessions can continue to inform your decision and we can talk about any ongoing reservations or concerns you might have.  I will never be offended if you feel like I'm not the person for you and would be happy to share some referrals of other therapists who may suit your needs better.

Still have a question? Contact me!